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    Richard recently supported our “Connect to Inspire” workshop where we looked to understand the needs of 2025 urban environments. Through his program development, event moderation, and his network, the event resulted in meaningful discussions and future collaborations. I enjoyed working with him, especially his positive attitude and diverse experience.

    Rae Yeung
    Regional Expert, Structural Excellence Project, Asia Pacific

    I enjoyed being part of the event because of the unique mix of participants and the opportunity to share METRO’s initiatives in a casual set up. There are only few platforms existing in China where entrepreneurs, consumers and producers can share their viewpoints on sustainability together.

    It was fun and exciting and we got some new customers too!

    Tino Zeiske
    Vice President and Head of Group Sustainability Strategy

    Richard cooperated with us on a recent regional management team offsite.

    His eloquently presented contribution on the demographics fuelling sustainability trends and the resulting commercial opportunities was very well received. Richard perfectly tailored his presentation to our segment driven approach. I look forward to a continued cooperation going forward and highly recommend Richard and his team for their expertise in the sustainability domain!

    Sander Montanus
    Branch Manager Shanghai

    We invited Richard to speak to employees at our corporate office in New York about CSR & Sustainability in China. Richard did an excellent job of giving us an overview of the wide variety of challenges facing China today. The discussion that followed with audience members from New York as well as some who were visiting from our China offices was excellent, since Richard was able to speak to virtually every topic that came up. His breadth of knowledge is impressive.

    Lauren Wylie
    Global Sustainability Manager, Oliver Wyman Group

    Richard was a consultant to the adidas CSR in 2017/2018 where he offered invaluable support to the strategic formation and project execution. He was instrumental in bringing in his team members at Collective Responsibility to offer alternative and external perspective, as well as landing solid project knowledge, both in the community engagement events, as well as the supply chain management initiatives. Richard is a long time veteran of sustainability related issues in China, and I found it very helpful to work with his expertise and background

    Becky Cho
    Senior Director, Corporate Communications

    Richard has assisted the ILO on a couple of occassions in developing and implementing new ideas in the field of CSR that are centered on greater engagement of business and upcoming business leaders. His network in Asia and knowledge of the situation in the region and its impact globally, is impressive. Richard is a pleasure to work with - a thorough professional, who understands how to transform CSR concepts from the abstract to the applied. I would highly recommend Richard and would certainly hope to find continuing ways to partner with him.

    Ivanka Mamic
    CSR & Environmental Specialist

    We (TNT) engaged Richard to run a Corporate Sustainability training for our China staff. Richard was able to articulate his experience and knowledge around corporate sustainability into simple and understandable terms and his lecture in terms of delivery and content were very clear and professional.

    We would recommend and engage Richard in the future when there is opportunity.

    Annie Ren
    Customer Experience Manager at TNT Greater China

    Richard is an expert in CSR, social innovations and entrepreneurship. He is very knowledgeable in the field and is a very experienced speaker. Each time the audience were very satisfied with what they have learned from Richard’s talk / lecture. We were very happy to work with him.

    Raymond Chu, CFA
    Assistant Director (Entrepreneurship & Commercialization), Hong Kong Polytechnic University Institute for Entrepreneurship

    Richard Brubaker knows how to tell a story. With an inspiring and informative speech, Richard was able to effectively bring clarity to the field of social entrepreneurship and the role he and many other passionate creatives play in this dynamic field. As a modern social entrepreneur himself, Richard was able to connect to an international audience and provide sound advice and direction to students ready and willing to challenge the status quo and tackle today’s most pressing problems.

    Brian Ng
    Student Leader

    Richard has hosted many of our visits, leading discussions with our participants who are often global CEOs and Board of Directors. Conversations with Richard are always engaging, and thought-provoking. His information is relevant, current, and well researched. Richard is comfortable working with the question itself as well as the embedded meaning or assumptions.

    I have no reservation to support Richard as a speaker to senior, global leaders.

    Kenzie L. Kwong
    China Partner

    I have had the opportunity to get Richard’s views on China’s most pressing social and environmental issues at several occasions, and every time, Richard brought great critical thinking, analysis and perspectives to the table that proved to be incredibly useful. For all these reasons, Richard is THE go-to person (I would actually say ‘influencer’) for all things non-profit, CSR, and sustainability-related in China.

    Perrine Bouhana
    CSR & Sustainability Consultant

    Rich Brubaker is a positive role model, an engaging speaker, a genuine motivator. In July 2011, Rich served as the closing keynote speaker to our international audience of students of the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC). His canny ability to talk with the students, rather than to the students, was immediately evident as dozens and dozens of students stood to pose questions, ask for advice and provide additional comments.

    GYLC could not have had a better speaker to address its students.

    Matt Castrina
    Program Director, Global Young Leaders Conference – China

    Richard is a well connected and insightful professional in the field of corporate responsibility. He understands how CR can contribute to a business strategy for growth ans success

    Kelly Lau
    Sustainable Business & Innovation Marketplace Director

    Richard is an energetic person with initiatives always. He has deep insight of NGOs development of China and strong commitment to foster the overall social attentions to make a difference of people's life and values. It is a great pleasure working with him.

    Sabrina Gu
    CSR Manager

    Richard is a fabulous presenter. He guided our sustainability day for the UNC Kenan Flagler Business School Global Immersion and created real engagement for the 200 executive MBA students who came to Shanghai. His work was dynamic and the students were enthralled. They still refer to the comments made in class discussions almost one year later.

    David Jacobson

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